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Executive Producer - Bob McCarthy



Bob McCarthy is the creator, writer, editor, director, producer and mastermind behind the    Bob Show. Bob has spent ten years in the Pro Wrestling and entertainment industry as a performer and an interviewer.

Bob performed as "The Dean of Mean" Damian Darkside, working for countless wrestling promotions on the east coast. And at the same time, created "Total Access Wrestling", a Pro Wrestling talk show.

Bob has interviewed, some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry from Christian Bale to Dan Aykroyd to Davy Jones to Mick Foley and many more. Bob leads an all star cast for an incredible show that features sketch comedy, celebrity interviews and so much more. In 2006, Bob won Lowell's Spirit of the Year Award for his show, Total Access Wrestling. In 2009, Bob was awarded Lowell's Producer of the Year for the Bob Show and in 2010, Bob excepted the Local Heroes award on behalf of Lowell Telecommunications Corporation. The Bob Show is seen in 196 countries worldwide online. 
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The Cast






Special thanks to past performers and production crew members.

Billy Gozzo -Production Manager/Producer

Jessica Jacques

Laura Pizzuti

Bernie Ongewe

Chuck Slavin

Tim Anders

Bill McLean

Ben McLean

Stacia Lee

Crystal Romain

Keith Barksy

Marcia Synder

Matt Marchesi

Matt Marchesi Jr.

Alex Hauck

Michael Z

Michelle Hopkins

Geri Wulle

Chad Epik

Matt Bishop

Dave Kopcych

Shawn Goodwin

Matches Malone

Laura Pizzuti

Josh Gunderson

Collin Snider

Leon Wasiak

Ryan Wasiak

Ron Diberto

Wendy Olafson

Macdaniel Macleod

Ray DiTomasso

Raysam Donkoh-Halm

Jonathan Chandonnais

Rosalind Rivera

Christine Hayek

Bernie Ongewe

Jennifer Walsh

Rodney Norman

Jonathan Anderson 

Bill Bushey

Jordan Murdock

Victor Picanso

Max Ofosu

Jose Hernandez